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Assisted Living Uniforms

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Uniforms Today offers a complete line of apparel for assisted living and senior living facilities. The appearance of your uniforms makes an impression on guests and residents. The style and color of your uniforms will reflect your company, give comfort to residents and visitors, and identity an employee’s role within your facility.

We offer sections for scurbs, labcoats, culinary, customer service, security and more.

Adopting a consistant uniform program promotes stability and professionalism. A carefully planned uniform program that considers each employee’s role and compliments your branding efforts will shape how people view your facility. Especially if your organization has multiple locations, a consistent staff identification program helps residents to feel comfortable when moving around facilities and confident that they will receive the same level of care they know and trust.

In addition, uniform consistency eliminates issues surrounding confusing employee roles. Giving employees specific uniforms also signals that employee’s play a vital role within your facility.